Your Worst Fear Is Already Here

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  1. Trump wins re-election outright. I don’t think most people in this country who vote will vote for him but given the way the electoral college works whether or not that happens isn’t particularly relevant. This win would involve the usual amount of GOP voter suppression, foreign social media/fake news influence, and will be incredibly hindered and confused by pandemic related mail-in voting system stresses, delays etc. But in the end, as in 2016, enough people in the right states check his name and he gets elected like he did 4 years ago.
  2. Trump “wins” but there is clear/persuasive evidence of outright fraud, ballot tampering, election official misconduct, premature claims of victory, counting interference, etc. There are congressional calls for an investigation, protests, court actions, etc etc.
  3. Biden actually pulls it off and Trump is officially defeated. Not quite a landslide but seemingly clear.
The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood
  • Trump has publicly admitted that he is seeking to thwart adequate funding and preparation of the Post Office in order to limit mail-in voting which he (correctly) perceives to be disadvantageous to him in the election. We are all aware of this and its implications yet his unqualified donor-crony is still the Postmaster General and the USPS is still being actively weakened. Congressional hearings on the matter have done nothing to stop this other than lip-service.
  • Trump has inserted militarized federal law enforcement officers into cities where citizens are protesting police violence. These agents wear no standard uniform and do not display badges, name tags, or the insignia of the agencies they represent. They have abducted (not arrested) people from the streets into unmarked vehicles without the reading of their rights or the filing of charges.
  • Trump has stated that he plans to place these same federal paramilitary storm troopers at polling places in Democratic locales which constitutes unambiguous voter intimidation.
  • Trump has attacked the free press more or less every day of his time in office and at every moment works to de-legitimize this essential element of a free democracy.
  • Trump has frequently and publicly expressed fondness for and approval of iron-fisted & murderous foreign autocrats while aligning himself against the leaders of traditional democratic ally nations.
  • Trump has urged his followers to break the law by engaging in fraudulent voting practices.
  • Trump removed congressionally mandated oversight personnel from their positions in monitoring the uses of federal COVID relief funds and frequently skirts congressional oversight of his agency nominees by designating them as “acting” or appointing them to proximate positions that do not require Congressional approval.
  • Trump has dismissed warnings from his own intelligence service about Russian interference in the 2016 election and done nothing to prevent their continued interference in the upcoming election.
  • During the ongoing COVID crisis, in addition to his gross ineptitude and insensitivity in its handling Trump unambiguously stated that his deployment of Federal aid to states in need would be contingent on their governors being nice to him.
  • The U.S. has 110 Federal prisons with 226,000 inmates. That’s just a small fraction of the total U.S. jail/prison population with far more people in state prisons and local jails but…that’s still enough to call it a gulag system and it can expand at any time.
  • Trump (and his Republican enablers in the senate) simply danced around the primary check that this “democracy” has against an unfit executive: impeachment. He was impeached for withholding congressionally approved military aid from a U.S. ally in order to force that ally to dig up/make up dirt about his political rival in the upcoming election. That is wrong on so many levels and an impeachable offense. That he did it is not in question since both he and his chief of staff admitted as much. However the Senate refused to hear relevant witness on the matter or review relevant materials and he was cleared of something that…again…he himself said he had done. That was the one silver bullet aside from the ballot box that this country has to remove a president. And the issue over which it was attempted was exactly his unethical manipulation of the ballot box outcome.
The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood
  • Reading History
  • Reading The News
  • A basic understanding of human nature and the specific understanding of a specific person who is neither difficult to read nor shy about expressing himself.
  • Have a way to feed yourself that doesn’t rely on your local supermarket being stocked and open.
  • Know your neighbors and be part of aid networks that can reciprocally provide the members with food, shelter, medical care, defense, and information as needed.
  • Tool up.
  • Review and tweak the security settings on your social media and communications tools. Anonymize your online activity as much as possible.
  • Read relevant histories in order to get a sense of what to expect and how to resist it. (Weimar Germany is particularly appropriate here).
  • Get it into your head that this is happening, and much of it already has happened. The point isn’t to fall into despair but rather to get you past the supremely unhelpful “Well that will never happen here!” mindset and into the “how do I survive this and defeat this?” mindset.
The Parable of the Sower, Octavia Butler



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