Non-Representational Generative Art and the Non-Coders Who Love It.

Putting words to the feelings that you feel when looking at shapes made from hieroglyphics that you don’t understand.

Plasticity #449 by P4stoboy, released via
Selections from Theatergoers by Michael Perusse a generative project with 365 different iterations released on the Tezos blockchain. No illustration here, generated solely from the same code with a randomness variable injected at the moment they were minted. Each individual piece totally unique but equally representative of the project as a whole.
I made a Simpsons website in HTML from scratch in the late 90s and that’s about as far as coding journey went. It did have an image map in it tho…so I was pretty impressed with myself I’ll say.
Laocoön and His Sons
Selections from Mind The Gap by MountVitruvius
Selections from Plasticity by P4stoboy

Mind The Gap

MTG #143
MTG #193


Plasticity #373
Plasticity #346



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Wes Hazard

Brooklyn based writer & storyteller. Social Justice / Oddball History / Digital Art / The Metaverse. 3x Jeopardy! champ. Wishing you the best.